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Algorithm Based Sports Picks Covering 7 US Sports

2018 College Basketball = 18-13-0 (58.06%) +3.70 Units
Overall College Basketball = 681-546-14 (55.50%) +80.40 Units

Excellent Football Weekend:
5-1 NFL Sunday
5-3 College Football Saturday
2018 Football combined record = 115-94-4  (55.02%) +11.65 Units
2018 NFL = 50-37-1
2018 College Football = 65-57-3
All Time NFL Record is now up to 58.16%

Overall Records Since 1/1/17:
NFL = 58.16%  +24.00 Units
NBA = 54.31%  +23.50 Units
NHL = 51.89%  +2.00 Units
NCAA FB = 52.05%  -2.20 Units
NCAA BK = 55.50%  +80.40 Units

College Basketball has begun – We have a very aggressive College Basketball Totals system & will be releasing lots of NCAA BK Over/Unders


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Transparency Posting

Wednesday Full Card:
4 NBA & 5 NCAA BK Picks


Take Under 209.5

Take Over 223.5

Take Over 214.5

Take Memphis +10.0

College Basketball

8:00PM Rice/Houston
Take Houston -24.0

8:00PM W Carolina/SMU
Take SMU -20.0

8:00PM N Arizona/Neb Omaha
Take N Arizona +7.5

8:30PM Marquette/Indiana
Take Under 148.5

9:00PM N Dakota/Kentucky
Take N Dakota +27.0

All picks from our Full Card will be posted publicly for the sake of transparency.  Transparency posts will be made on: 1) the main page of, 2) the Daily Free Pick page at, 3) Twitter @MMS_PicksTransparency posting is done at the following times: NFL & NCAA FB & NBA: After 1st quarter is over, NHL: After 1st period is over, NCAA BK & WNBA: After 1st half is over, MLB: After 3rd inning is over
We do not hide from our records.  All picks are posted publicly win or lose

You can access our full archives & performance history at the link below:

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Master Matrix Sports uses complex Algorithms to make our picks. The Algorithms are based on proven systems that generate positive unit returns year after year. We do not have experts making picks, but rather use Computer Based Models.  

Algorithms & Computer Based models are the only way to consistently win at Sports Betting.


What We Do:

Betting on sports can be a lot of fun and it’s becoming available in more and more states in the US.  But who do you bet on?  Betting on your own and picking off the board is inevitably going to result in you losing.  Your personal opinion on who will win is actually quite worthless.  The Las Vegas & Offshore sportsbooks that set the lines are actually really good at it.  The Las Vegas sportsbooks have now been positive each and every month for 70+ consecutive months.  Using Algorithms or Computer based models are the only way to consistently win at sports betting.
We use proprietary complex algorithms to generate our picks.  The algorithms took us years to develop.  All of our systems are backwards tested for 10+ years and then forward tested for at least 2 years using independent data. Each system we use is a proven historical winner.  Our systems give you an advantage and should result in positive performance over time.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme where you place a few bets and are rolling in extra cash.  We provide you with an advantage that you can lean on over time.
We don’t always win, but you are going to do better with us than you would ever do on your own.  Most people’s sports betting accounts go straight to zero….that’s why the online books offer such huge signup bonuses.  They know in advance that you are not going to win.  Master Matrix Sports has transparent legitimate performance.
We advocate unit betting with proper bankroll management.  We suggest either a 1% or 2% unit bet…whichever you feel more comfortable with.  If you have a $10,000 betting bankroll your unit bet would be either $100 at 1% or $200 at 2%.  It may sound conservative…but you need to be able to withstand a 20+ unit downswing without going broke   It’s not all bunnies and kittens….Sports betting can have big swings both up and down.  If you load up and go for broke, you’ll most likely wind up broke.  Long term success requires responsible and diligent bankroll management.
We do not have any inside information. Our picks are based on hard work…developing complex algorithms is not easy. We have done years of work and research on these systems and are offering them to you for a low weekly or monthly fee.

What You Get:

Once you are a subscriber you will receive our card of picks each day.  You will receive our Full Card email that shows that day’s picks as well as secure website access to view the picks online.  Depending on the schedule a day may have only a couple of picks or it may have 20+ picks.  It’s up to you to have a venue to place the bets with.
The entertainment value alone is worth the cost of the subscription.  We will have you knee deep in action and you will be watching lots of games you normally wouldn’t ever watch….think Louisiana Monroe football games or Fairfield University basketball games.  If you combine the entertainment value with actually winning you may find yourself soon being addicted to our service.

Losing is easy, it’s Winning that’s hard!!

Master Matrix Sports will change your mentality

from expecting to lose to expecting to win!! 




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