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NCAA Football,
& NCAA Basketball


Monday September 24th

1 NFL & 3 MLB Picks

Fall 2018 Football:
39-24-3 +12.65 Units
NCAA FB: 23-14-2 +7.60 Units
NFL: 16-10-1 +5.05 Units



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Transparency Posting

Below are the Picks on Monday’s Full Card


Take Tampa Bay -1.0


Take Philadelphia +185
9:40PM LAD/ARI (Free Pick)
Take (Revealed After 3rd)
Take (Revealed After 3rd)

All picks from our Full Card will be posted publicly for the sake of transparency.  Transparency posts will be made on: 1) the main page of, 2) the Daily Free Pick page at, 3) Twitter @MMS_PicksTransparency posting is done at the following times: NFL: After 1st quarter is over, NCAA FB: After 1st quarter is over, NBA: After 1st quarter is over, NHL: After 1st period is over, NCAA BK: After 1st half is over, MLB: After 3rd inning is over, WNBA: After 1st half is over
NOBODY ELSE ACTUALLY DOES THIS! Master Matrix Sports Does! Every Day!
We do not hide from our records.  All picks are posted publicly win or lose


What is a Scamdicapper?

99% of the sports handicappers out these are Scamdicappers.  They are simply con-artists who tout high winning percentages & easy money and prey on unsophisticated gamblers.  Winning at Sports Betting is actually very difficult.  Beating a 10% vig or being profitable vs the money line is extremely difficult.  If it were easy then the sportsbooks would not be in business….much less offering big signup bonuses!!

How can you tell if a Picks Service is a Scamdicapper?

1)Any picks service touting a 70%+ record is a scam.  Most people have no idea how asinine it is to say you can win 70% or more over more than just a handful of picks.  Additionally, any service that never has a losing day is a scam.  Even the best handicappers in the world lose 40% of the time.

2)Any picks service that has pictures of themselves in front of sports cars or with stacks of cash is probably a scam.  Real handicappers are more likely to be laboring in front of an Excel spreadsheet than out pimping at a club.  Full disclosure…the Master Matrix Sports team can be found driving a Ford & a Hyundai.  & we do not take pictures of our cash…it’s in the bank where it’s supposed to be.

3)Any picks service whose record is not fully transparent is probably a scam.  If a service is legit there is absolutely no reason their historical archives should not be viewable.  Also, If their record only shows recent results it’s a scam.  Every pick Master Matrix Sports has ever released is viewable on our archives page for anyone to see.  We do not hide from our records.  Access our full picks history at this link:  Archives.

4)Anything that sounds too good to be true is probably a scam.  Winning at Sports Betting is extremely difficult.  Anyone who says otherwise is full of bologna.

5)Any picks service that preys on your unreasonable expectations is probably a scam.  Sports Betting is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a grind-it-out every day endeavor.  You find an advantage and lean on it, but you do it responsibly with proper bankroll management.

7)Any picks service that offers Guaranteed Locks, Picks of the Century, 5 Star plays, etc is probably a scam.  There is no such thing as a guaranteed pick.  That’s why we use 1 unit bets for all picks….our best pick of the month is for 1 unit, the Super Bowl is for 1 unit, our worst pick of the month is for 1 unit.  Lots of services will mask their losses with magical 5 unit or 10 unit picks.  Every pick we have ever made is for 1 unit.

8)Any picks service that wants your telephone number so they can con you into splitting your winnings with them is probably a scam.  It’s really nobody else’s business how much or little you are betting as long as you do it responsibly.

Algorithms & Computer Based models are the only way to consistently win at Sports Betting.

Experts standing in front of their sports cars are called Scamdicappers

Very Few Picks Services are Legit & Actually Worth Buying.

Master Matrix Sports is Worth Paying For


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NFL record
Since 1/1/2017

NFL W-L-P Win % Units
NFL Sides 46-38-1 54.76% +4.40
NFL Over/Unders 34-17-2 66.67% +15.30
NFL Overall 80-55-3 59.26% +19.70




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Master Matrix Sports uses complex Algorithms to make our picks. The Algorithms are based on proven systems that generate positive unit returns year after year. We do not have experts making picks, but rather use Computer Based Models.

Master Matrix Sports is a Las Vegas based sports handicapping service.  It was created by a longtime Las Vegas resident who is a lifelong sports bettor & gambler.  We are a hard-working, sophisticated, honest service & part of the 1% of pick services that are not run by scamdicappers.
We use proprietary complex algorithms that took us years to develop. We have separate algorithms for all 7 major US sports. NFL, College Football, NHL, NBA, College Basketball, MLB & WNBA. 
All of our systems are backwards tested for 10 years and then forward tested into the 11th year using independent data. Each system we use is a proven historical winner.
MMS operates in reality, not the fantasy world of sites with 80% winners that go 7-1 every day and are run by scamdicappers.  Unfortunately, most of the public does not realize how asinine touting a 70%+ winning percentage is. If your handicapper claims they win 70%, 80% or more you need to turn around and run because it is most likely a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is a scam!! If your tout claims outlandish winning percentages they are scamming you. Stop following Scamdicappers!! Start following a true handicapper!!
Our systems are designed to be bet with only a small % of your bankroll on each bet.  Each individual pick is not a sure thing so don’t load up & go for broke on any one of them.  If you go for broke, you’ll most likely wind up broke.  So don’t do it. The importance of proper bankroll management cannot be overstated.
We do not have any inside information. Our picks are based on hard work…developing complex algorithms is not easy. We have done years of work and research on these systems and are offering them to you for a low monthly fee.
For a complete understanding of who we are and what we do click the About Us link.

Losing is easy, it’s winning that’s hard!!

Master Matrix Sports will change your mentality

from expecting to lose to expecting to win!!