About Us

We use an algorithm based approach to finding value across the 7 major US sports. NFL, College Football, NHL, NBA, College Basketball, MLB & WNBA. We’ve built databases for each sport that include every statistic available as well as a game simulator where we simulate every game at least 10,000 times. We take the combination of all the stats in our massive databases as well as our simulator results and compare them to Las Vegas lines to predict value.  We call the combination of all of our results Master Matrix. Hence the name: Master Matrix Sports.



Every play released through the MMS service will be posted to the Archives Page by the next day.  Every play will be released using widely available lines at the time of release.  Using Line Shopping you should be able to consistently get a better number than we release.  Using the plays sent by email each MMS client should be able to personally verify the accuracy of our records. Past results are not a guarantee of future results. Win or lose we post our results for everyone and anyone to see. 


Release Times:

All plays will be released the day of the game. Usually before 1PM EST on weekdays and 10:30AM EST on weekends. After you sign-up, we will e-mail you every day as soon as the official plays are released. The plays will come from picks@mmspicks.com. It’s critical that you add picks@mmspicks.com to your safe sender list!. All emails will be sent simultaneously to all clients.  Even though we’re in the pacific time zone start times will all be EST.  The number of plays released is difficult to predict. Some days it may be 1.  Other days it could be 30+. The highest volume days will usually be Saturdays during college basketball season.  If there’s a day with no picks (MLB All-Star break in July) all plans will be extended by 1 day. It’s rare but it does happen.



We only make 2 types of plays. Sides and Totals. Sides are betting on which team will win.  Totals are Overs/Unders.  For football and basketball all sides are point spreads, if there is a price other than -110 it’ll be included. For baseball and hockey all sides are money lines.  Totals for football and basketball should all be rated at -110 unless otherwise noted. For baseball and hockey totals will include a price. We rate all plays at 1.0 unit.  No rating scale. No stars. No game of the month/year/whatever.  Your unit size can be whatever you’re comfortable with. If you were using $100 units you would bet to win $100 on favorites or you would bet $100 to win a price on underdogs.  ex: COL +180 vs NYM would be a $100 bet on Colorado to win $180.  NYY -140 vs BOS would be a $140 bet on the Yankees to win $100. All baseball side plays will include starting pitchers.  We make all baseball sides bets as listed starting pitchers so if either pitcher doesn’t start the bet becomes no action.


What to expect?

After handicapping literally tens of thousands of football, basketball, hockey and baseball games for 20+ years, we have a very good sense of what to realistically expect in terms of performance. We have seen it all; miraculous comebacks, last second surprises, dropped balls, bad calls, you name it. Below are the generalizations as to how we saw our performance break down in the past for extended periods.. Anything can happen on any given day. We will have days where we will sweep the board with ease, yet we will have other days where we will struggle to win a single game. There is no preventing these extremes. It’s just the nature of sports betting. You need to be ready and prepared for the daily roller coaster ride by managing your bankroll intelligently.

Figuring all that in, this is what you should generally expect in terms of our performance:

Easy Winners (30% of all picks): This is where a game goes exactly the way we expect for an easy win. About 1 out of 3 picks will fall into this category. Enjoy them, they are very fun.

Easy Losers (20% of all picks): These games play out the complete opposite way from the way we predict it. These are the picks where you will be saying: “What were they thinking?” Get used to them; they are inevitable no matter how hard anyone tries to cover every single angle in a game. Shocking surprises and complete meltdowns are a natural part of sports betting. If you manage your money well, these will be nothing but speed bumps until the next win. Any pick can lose. It’s critical that you set your expectations right not only for your bankroll but also for your mental health.

Close Games (50% of all picks): Close games are the ones that keep you at the edge of your seat with the win (or loss) being within reach at any given time. Our goal is to cash over half of these games. Historically, we have won more than half.

Needless to say, we –or no one else for that matter- will know for sure which of these three categories a given game will fall until it plays out. Unpredictability is what makes sports investing fun and frustrating at the same time. Think like a pro, manage your money well, don’t take bad days personally, keep your long-term focus and you can do very well in sports betting.


Sports Coverage:

January: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL

February: NBA, College Basketball, NHL

March: NBA, College Basketball, NHL, MLB

April: NBA, College Basketball, NHL, MLB, WNBA




August: MLB, WNBA

September: NFL, College Football, MLB, WNBA

October: NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, NHL

November: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL

December: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL


What we don’t bet on:

Preseason/Spring Training, Tennis, NASCAR, UFC, Boxing, Soccer, Golf or anything else not listed