We offer 3 different ways to access MMS Picks. The free plan includes 1 random play every day from the MMS full card. The weekly and monthly plans both include all plays from all sports.  The weekly and monthly plans are exactly the same just different lengths. You will never have to pay extra for different sports or upgraded picks. All of our weekly/monthly clients get exactly the same quality selections every day.

Payment for plans is directly through PayPal.  Having a PayPal account is not required.  Clicking the button under the weekly/monthly plans will redirect you to PayPal for payment. All Picks will be sent by email every day.  We’ve found what works best is setting up an email account that goes direct to your cell phone so you’ll know immediately when the picks are available. We don’t do user accounts or logins.  All plays will be delivered directly by email.

If there’s a day with no picks (MLB All-Star break in July) all plans will be extended by 1 day. It’s rare but it does happen.

We do not employ salesman so we will not be calling you.
We do not have logins or 800#’s, we simply email our picks each day to our clients.
We do not have automatic renewals.
We trust that you will pay your monthly renewal on your own because you want to.
We do not even want your phone #, so we will not be giving your info to anyone else.

Free Plan
1 Pick/Day


3 Months of Picks

All Picks for 90 Days


1 Week of Picks

1 Month of Picks

All Picks For 7 Days

All Picks for 30 Days