There are 3 Ways to get Access to our picks.

Performance Pricing
**Paid Subscriptions do not expire unless they were positive overall**
1: 7 Days = $59
2: 30 Days = $175

 Daily Free Pick
3: One Pick for Free Each Day via Email


Performance Based Pricing
We offer 7 Day & 30 Day plans that only expire if you are positive overall for at least 1.0 unit.  We can offer this because we know that our algorithms deliver. 

We make money when you make money.  If we do not deliver winning picks then we do not get renewals. 

This includes performance on all of our picks.
Our performance on NFL, NBA, NCAA BK & NCAA FB is significantly better than MLB, NHL & WNBA.  However, they are all included in our performance pricing.  It also includes both Sides & Totals.  Our historical performance on Totals has been much better than our performance on Sides. 

If you are not positive at the end of your subscription period we will continue to work for free for you until you are positive.

1 Week of Picks

1 Month of Picks

All Picks For 7 Days

All Picks for 30 Days



Payment can be made via either Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

If you want to use a Credit/Debit card instead of Paypal use the ‘Check Out’ button below the ‘Paypal Checkout’ button after you’ve added a plan to your cart.

Both Weekly & Monthly clients get exactly the same picks each day.

After your payment is made you will receive the Full Card when it is released each morning….approximately 9AM PST on most days.  Saturday/Sunday Football Picks are released on Friday night at 5PM PST.  If you subscribe late at night or early in the morning don’t be surprised when you do not receive anything until the following morning.  We are based in Las Vegas which means we are on Pacific Time….so don’t expect emails at 8AM East Coast time.

All picks will be sent via email every day.  You will also be emailed a login to access the picks directly on

If there’s a day with no picks (MLB All-Star break in July) all plans will be extended by 1 day. It’s rare but it does happen.

Promotional Pricing

We have 2 Promotional Pricing offers each year.

1: $499 Football Promo – This is offered in mid-August and includes picks for all sports through the final NFL game of the season (ie The Big Game).

2: $399 College Basketball Promo – This is offered in mid-November and includes picks for all sports through the final college basketball game of the season